About Us

Learn more about Level Up, and what sets us apart.

Locally Owned & Operated

We “soft-launched” our business in August of 2014, and went full-time in March of 2015. People couldn’t get enough of Level Up! We believe in keeping business local. Do business with us, and we guarantee you’ll get a high-quality, locally produced product!

Motivated & Studied

At Level Up, we’re serious about hard work, great customer service, and producing an awesome end-product. We spend countless hours sharpening our skills, and expanding our knowledge in the services we provide our clients. We have joy in take our skills to the next level. It’s in our DNA.

Trusted & Involved

Level Up has a reputation of going over-the-top and exceeding expectations. We’re involved in local chambers, events, and working to make our community better and more successful! Our clients always have great things to say about Level Up. See for yourself here.

Who is “Level Up”?

My name is Ricky Gassiott. I love the outdoors, taking on challenges, meeting new people, and accomplishing goals. For years I’ve been been involved in all types of design production and find it a great privilege to have created/launched this business, and have lead all of the undertakings at Level Up full-time since August 2014. We are proudly a millennial-owned family business. With a heart full of passion, and a mind dedicated to a vision, I believe Level Up will become a nation-wide trusted name for Web & Advertising Design services. My love for business and self-employment comes from an obsession that started at a young age of starting/completing projects just solely for the enjoyment of a “job-well-done”. We currently reside in Pensacola, Florida area working locally, as well as serving clients from Texas, Louisiana, & all over the U.S of A!

With passion & dedication, my wife Katelin, and our “fur babies” Daisy & Duke, we’re taking projects on year-round, from around the globe, with a goal of becoming financially free to follow our dreams and ambitions in our careers and hobbies. Level Up enables us to pursue the things we want, while maintaining “full ownership” of our hard work, which is why we love being entrepreneurs. Transparency is key at Level Up. Our goal is perfection, and something we strive to achieve on every project. It’s not always possible to please everyone, but our #1 goal is to build lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships, and exceed every one of our clients’ expectations. We love our clientele & are so thankful for every business opportunity entrusted to us!

We aim to be a powerful, influential, and trusted marketing company across the globe for mom & pops businesses, and large, fortune 500 companies alike. Money is not our foremost driving factor, but a “job-well-done”, and the freedom that self-employment grants us. We can work from anywhere in the world, with any company in the world, and take any project we want. Got a challenge for us? Give us a call & let us take it on! Thanks for supporting small business, the American way!

Ricky Gassiott

Founder & Lead Developer/Designer