Graphic Design

Let’s learn a bit more about graphic design!

Graphic Design: Level Up Style.

Art is a beautiful thing! Design matters. No matter how you look at it, you can’t ever look at it without a subconscious awareness of design! Maybe our point is proven, maybe it isn’t, but design affects everything we do in life. That’s why it’s important that your brand has a kickin’ design. Your brand deserves to look spunky, fresh, alive because that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing. You want your audience to come alive when they experience your brand.

At Level Up, we stick to designing simple, modern, and minimal design that speaks of boldness. If you want us to paint a new masterpiece, we’ll have to refer you to a friend. BUT, if you’re looking for a fresh design for a brochure, business card, window decal, yard sign, advertisement, then Level Up can help you out!

The Types of Projects We Take at Level Up

We love design! With that in mind, we take on a variety of design projects to better suit the needs of our clients. We’d be thrilled to take on your design project! Below is a list of design products that we’ve done, or could foresee ourselves doing (though the list is too large to mention).

Print Media:
Brochures, Business Cards, Yard Signs, Window Decals, Banners, Fliers, Signs

Digital Media:
Social Media Ads, Cover Photos, Custom Graphics for Advertisements, & even some motion typography videos!

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