Custom Websites

We pride ourselves in providing the best of quality in custom, fully-responsive websites.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Website Design consists of how the website functions on different browsers and device widths. When we are designing the website, we keep mobile in mind, because around 75% of the visitors on your website will be from a smartphone or tablet.

Why is this important? What are the benefits?

Not only will you get a slick, modern design, but one that is guaranteed to look flawless on almost any device! No more scrolling to view the text on a website, or weird website glitches. Your visitors will be able to effortlessly use your website, which means more conversions and an immediate increase of business! Not to mention that Google loves fully-responsive websites! Just by having a fully-responsive website, you’ll come up higher than your competitors in search engines. SEO is important. We’ll get to that later though!

Choosing WordPress or HTML-Based Website

We’ll make this quick. There’s no sense in over-complicating things! If making in-house changes, meaning you will make changes yourself, than WordPress is the route to take. WordPress will give you the ability to make easy, quick content changes to the site. We design the framework and set it up, and you can make the small changes you’d like easily with some simple training. Also, WordPress might interest you if you’re looking to build an E-commerce site, create a blog, or have more complex apps on your site.

If making changes yourself is not something that interests you, than the HTML-based build is where you want to go! This will give you a nice, fully responsive website, just like the WordPress build, except for it is built using solely HTML code, meaning there is no backend to log into to make edits, except for editing the source code. This can save some cash on the initial build, guarantee “website editing master” employees from messing up the website, and accomplish a full Level Up for your brand.

Hopefully that clears up some of the fogginess with choosing a website platform. Thanks for reading!

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